Hi there!

My name is Chris Tran.  I am a Singapore-based esports professional, working for Riot Games.  

This is my personal blog where I share my experiences on my own personal growth, career experience and observations on the world around me.

I got lucky.  Real lucky.  I've got a great job, living my dreams and my best self.

The thing is, I got luck because I got prepared.  And get more prepared every day.



My origin story is boring.

I started as a consultant with Deloitte got lucky working in Europe, Canada and of course, the US.  After my consulting career, I found myself in advertising in Vietnam for ten years before stumbling upon my dream job at Riot Games.

At Riot Games, I get to build the future of esports.  Gamers are just like everyone else.  Gamers who work hard deserve to be rewarded for it, and it is time to accept that gaming culture is popular culture.

I am writing here, now to share my own thoughts on how a chubby kid from upstate New York ended up in glamorous Singapore. 

Unashamedly, I hope to use this blog to develop my own writing skills and extend my personal network to across the world.