• Chris Tran


You have forgotten one of the basic rules of life. What the jungle has taught us. The survival skills that helped us claw supremacy from the many other animals of the earth.

Protect what is yours. Anything that isn’t protected, is fair game.

I hear your words, and I know that you’ve forgotten. You’ve become soft. You showcase your vulnerability and weakness, day in, and day out.

It’s frankly disgusting, and I wish you only knew what sort of opportunities that you are wasting. Your life, once full of promise, is now slowly rotting away. A tomato, forgotten at the back of the refrigerator. Too soft for salad. Covered with mold. Not even good enough for sauce.

Wait. I can correct this. You can fix this. Wait. Wait. Please wait.

You’re not alone. I was once like you. You can be twice like me.

We can fix this. I want to help you, and it will be easier than you think.

Forgive me. I know I was harsh. I was only telling you what I though you needed. My want is overpowering, but this want only wants better for you. And no, it does not want “best” for you. There’s no such thing as “best.”

“Best” is a mirage sold by snake oil peddlers to cure hangovers at the dawn’s light.

Wait. No. Don’t turn away and cover your ears. I’m here. Listen. Be Better with me.

Just. Try.


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