• Chris Tran

Chrises of Infinite Trans

Shit. There are a lot of Chris Trans out there.

I know cause I’ve met them. Randomly. Purposefully. There was that time I met Chris Tran playing cards in a library in Northern Virginia. A Chris Tran decided to invite himself along to a group celebration in Amsterdam without being invited himself. There’s bodybuilder Chris Tran. Rubik’s Cube Speed Solver Chris Tran. Gun Collector Chris Tran.

Which Chris Tran is me? Some would say that I’m Esports Chris Tran, but I’d rather be something more aspirational…

I want to be the Professional Chris Tran. The Chris Tran that is a professional about who he is.

What does a Professional Chris Tran do?

He shows up. Chris Tran does the hardest, best work most of the time. Most cause professionals know that it’s impossible to do your best every day. But it does mean that I, as the Professional Chris Tran, show up every day.

Even when I’m not at my best, I do show up.

I have to show up.

I don't know what else to do.

What do I do when I show up?

There’s the minimum, the “Commitment,” the daily duty. Everyone should do that.

The professional does the “Extra.” “The Extra” are those tasks that I do that make tomorrow easier. Part skill acquisition, part training. Each day, a professional Chris Tran improves in something and tries to get better. Be it in relationship, health, money, career.

Improve in something, and if not something, then everything.

That’s it.

  • Show up every day.

  • Deliver the Commitment.

  • Ease tomorrow with the Extra.

How are you showing up every day?

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