• Chris Tran

Failure is just a new start, not the end

If you’ve arrived here, it means that you have failed at everything else you’ve tried. Whether you have tried once or a hundred times, you have not gotten the results that you’ve wanted.\

I know this, because you would have kept on that other path. Any of the other paths, but instead you’ve come here. Looking for a secret and the answer as to why you have failed, time and time again.

The thing is, you probably are not ready for the answer and need to fail some more. In other ways, in spectacular ways. In boring ways. And you have to learn how to love that failure.

Because the First Rule is to love Failure. You have to learn to love and enjoy your Failure, because it is only when you Fail that you grow. Everything grand attempt that you had before, whether it be losing 20 lbs, or making 20 million dollars. You failed and it wasn’t ok.

It was fantastic. Failure is beautiful, because it is a clear sign that you are trying something new. Yours is the road of Thomas Edison. He failed his way to inventing the light bulb, and many, many other wondrous things. Failure is just one of the many strokes a caterpillar must make, to break free of its cocoon. A caterpillar must fail hundreds of times as it steadily breaks it way free, and becomes a butterfly.

After all, failure doesn’t make you a loser. Only surrender can do that.

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