• Chris Tran

How will you fail today?

The monster is always scarier when it is behind you. You can’t quite see it. You can hear its claws against the walls. Hear the breaking branches that try to slow it down. You smell its breath on the back of the neck.

You are terrified, but you aren’t quite sure of what you are scared of. Existential, undefined terrors will chase you throughout your life. The fear of failure.

Romantic failure.

Financial failure.

Health failure.

Career failure.

They are out there and their younger kin. Failed term paper. Gained 2 lbs. Missed the bus.

All of this terror adds up. It kills the mind and saps the will. And this terror is ok.

Because we can only be brave when we are terrified.

In the story of your life, will you be the victor or the victim? Heroes turn around and face their fears. Victims continue to run away from their terrors, only to trip, tumble and fade away.

Turn around. Embrace your failure. Tame your fear.

Plan today’s failure.

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