• Chris Tran

Make Loans, Not Sales

Growing up, the library was my most magical place. A place full of spells that could make my dreams come true.

My childhood was full of potential. I had all the time in the world, the brightest dreams that were also weighed down with the heaviest chain - “Not Yet.”

I am an adult now with money, skills, relationships and arcane resources to make my dreams reality. Except my dreams no longer shine. I have my survival and a dull inertia that keeps me moving. Motion doesn’t necessarily mean ‘forward.’

My youthful dreams told me to fly “up.” I forgot and thought moving was enough.

My young heart was still too big - full of impractical dreams. My baby brain and arms were too small. My baby brain worked overtime to absorb all of the library magic. Instead, I ended up with an impossibly high late fee.

Now, our libraries are disappearing - replaced by book stores, real and virtual. Now, books are locked behind one-time usage fees. The Internet has liberated knowledge. Why do we need to buy books when we rarely read them once?

The publishing industry has locked away the magic of your dreams.

Magic wants to be free. Information has wings. Liberate yourself, and FLY.

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