• Chris Tran

Mind your Mentor

A good mentor brings out the best in his student. And a great student does the same for her mentor in turn.

A good mentor strengthens the aim and the vision of her pupil. A great mentor does not subvert her pupil's will and personality with their own. She adopts and cares for the student, who becomes a sort of professional progeny.

A good pupil exemplifies the most profound of a mentor's habits. A great pupil takes these habits in new directions and philosophies, leading an exemplary life and potentially finding their own professional progeny.

A mentor transforms the student, and is in turn, transformed. This transformation is done by the strengthening of positive values, and the removal of bad habits. A good mentor does not, and truly, cannot change the shape of a student's life. She instead makes the edges better defined, ensures that their life choices are actual mindful choices, and not the habits created by circumstance.

These discussions force a mentor to relive the circumstances of her own development. Were her choices mindful? Or is she being hypocritical by only examining the student's decisions.

Mentorship forces seasoned professionals to re-examine the careers.

I want one.

A good mentor would judge my life.

  • They would say, this is very good, this is very good indeed and make me feel happy and give me confidence in the direction of my life.

  • And then they would look at these other things that I have done and say, this is very bad, this is very bad indeed and tell me to stop immediately and tell me why these things are mistakes in a way that helps me move forward into the next stage of my life, with a useful amount of drama.

  • And the most important thing is for the mentor to tell me that I'm missing out on something fundamental with how the world is working, and that I should spend a meaningful amount of time in this new pursuit, which will emphasize my strengths and hide my weaknesses.

The older you get, the hard it is for you to find a mentor that has been there before you.

A good mentor is hard to find, the older you get.

When the pupil is ready, the mentor will appear. Lao Tzu said "when the student is ready, the master appears. When the student is truly ready, the master disappears."

Oh Goodness, am I ready!

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