• Chris Tran

Noisy Trivia

Your life is too noisy.

How do I know this?

Everyone’s life is too noisy. We, as a species, evolved in a world with much less noise.

Our brains evolved to sift signal from a universe of constant noise.

  • That smell on the wind - Is that meat to be eaten?

  • That sound in the middle of the night - What sort of foe is here to hurt who I love?

We have evolved to absorb and interpret all of the information around us, and at the same time, society has optimized itself to constantly drown us in stimulation. Entertainment. Education. Advertising. We are drowning, and the costs are apparent yet invisible.

  • Apparent because we are stressed and miserable.

  • Invisible because we don’t have a word for it. Invisible because we think this is the way it is supposed to be.

We are uniquely vulnerable to the worst parts of the world that we ourselves created. We are complicit in our own destruction. At the murder trial of our mental well-being, our own curiosity will be a willing accomplice.

This self-harm must stop.

Contentment is not about absorbing all of the garbage that the world wants to throw at you. Your Serenity must be cultivated and protected. It must be defended by the power of “No!” and Mindful Silence.

As with the other magic pills, your mind, spirit and mood must go on a diet.

The prescription?

  • Meditate daily

  • Journal daily

  • Uninstall social media on your phone

  • Remove Autoplay from any video content you watch

And if you can stomach it, stop watching the news. The news is not useful information. The news does not change how you will live your life. Information that is not transformed into actionable decisions is just trivia. And trivia is only useful on game shows.

And shouldn't you know if life is a game show?

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