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If it is a risk worth doing, it is risk worth testing.

I always want to learn new skills, and have discovered a new generation of "get-skills-quick" scams. Teachers, more marketers than educators, promise expertise via short skills.

"You too can be an expert copywriter, but instead of 10 years of experience, you can learn the tricks of the trade in 4 weeks!"

"And we'll show you how to make a six figure salary to boot!"

In isolation, the claims seem insane. Yet there are enough scams out there that show that this is a viable business. People are making serious money in this way.

And you have me, who is interested in the skills, but can smell the snake oil. And I also am someone who really does want to believe in the snake oil, like everyone else. I've wasted money on useless courses before, and I'm trying hard to save my money and time by staying far away.

Learning a new skill is a risk. Starting a new enterprise is a new risk. Starting a new job is a new risk.

Any risk worth taking is a risk worth testing.

And how do you test a new skill?

  • Read articles, watch youtube videos, listen to podcasts of other information sources. Try to understand the subject matter material on your own through free material.

  • Get someone's experienced opinion in the field. By social media, there has to be some way to get a 3rd person's opinion on a course.

  • Read a book or listen to an audiobook to confirm that you yourself have the willpower and the time to commit to this undertaking

  • And then after you've tested your interest, resolve and probed a little bit about the course material, then you can sign up for the course.

I got lucky with a course. I thought about signing up for it, and asked the course runner a question. Their response was "Oh God, please don't buy this course." He then banned me on Twitter.

My only regret was that I did not ban him first. But I am very proud of the money that I saved by that one simple question.


All of the big mistakes in my life could have been prevented via testing.

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