• Chris Tran

Screw the Side Hustle

Everyone wants to make a little more money looks to the side hustle.

Side Hustles are mirages. They are less efficient ways to exchange your time for income.

If side hustles were so great, they would be full-time jobs. Instead, they are the job of last resort. The job of desperation.

Most side hustles are gigs - Fiverr, Uber, etc. Their multi-billion valuations are built on exploiting loopholes in the labor code, and exploiting the blood, sweat and tears of their contractors

With a side gig, your body and mind do not have adequate time to recover. Your productivity spirals downwards. Your health grinds down. You become unpleasant, underperform and end up getting fired from your main job. Or maybe you just miss out on getting a raise- A raise that would have made you more money than driving that Uber.

The best side hustles are passive income streams like owning real estate, or a McDonald's Franchise. Avenues only realistic if you already have money.


But that's not why we are here. You are cash poor, and time rich.

Invest in yourself. Build career capital. Become more valuable for your company, and if your company doesn't value you enough, then become qualified to leave and go elsewhere.

This journey is hard, and career transformation is never fast.

The chances of success are much higher, though, and we live in an amazing time.

Present You should explore all of the free resources on the internet to build Future You.

Future You will always outearn the Present You with an Uber gig.

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