• Chris Tran

Small Steps Change Your World

You have the right to dream big. The right to bet everything you own on your big dreams has to be earned.

However, you do not have the right to take big steps. Big dreams require small steps.

And in talking about big dreams, it's not just about business ideas. Think about all of the other items of great change that you desire in your life.

Every transformational journey requires:

  • A grand vision of success

  • Small, definable steps

  • Measurement to create every increasing confidence

  • Forgiveness when progress is slower than expected

Here's an example:

  • Grand Vision of Success - Lose 50 pounds

  • Small Steps - Exercise regularly every day

  • Confidence Builder - Measure progress in weight loss and/or exercise to remain accountable.

  • Forgiveness - Not every improvement is immediately visible

After a month, you can look back and have confidence that you've walked over XX miles, or lost XX lbs.

No, you haven't hit your goal yet.

Yes, you are infinitely closer to that goal than a month ago.

You feel infinitely more capable in hitting your goal.

Step by step, your confidence deepens the crease so you can get in your groove, and manifest your goals.

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